We all need a social platform for our daily convenience. The social messaging app has become one of the basic needs of people. WhatsApp is one of the popular messaging apps. It is packed will tons of messaging features. However, there were still some features lacking in the messaging app WhatsApp. So, WhatsApp is updating its features along with its policies and regulations And presently WhatsApp just released a new feature that lets users send disappearing messages. It is the feature that can help you send the messages with a timer and disappear after that time period.

For that feature to enable you have to turn on the disappearing message features on your app. And after enabling your message will disappear after seven days. The messages which were there in the conversation before disappearing messages were turned on won’t disappear. However, the messages which were sent or received after the disappearing messages were turned on will disappear. Now, How to turn on disappearing messages on WhatsApp?. Let’s check.

So, the steps How to turn on disappearing messages on WhatsApp are as follows:

  1. Open your WhatsApp chat on your phone.
  2. Now search for the contact’s name which you want to apply the option for.
  3. Tap on the contact. And now tap the 3 dots on the top right corner of the chat User Interface.
  4. Now, scroll down and search for disappearing messages and tap on to. Now tap on the On option. That’s it you are good to go.

So, these are steps will take just a few seconds for “How to turn on disappearing messages on WhatsApp” and you can enjoy the disappearing messages on your chat. However, be careful if you are sending very important messages. It will be hectic if you are enabling the disappearing messages and you are not aware and you were messages with important messages. So, check before you send any important messages.

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