Google Workspace was a bunch of collections of office suites including other services. It is the one combo of the best package of services. The company claims that it has 3 billion-plus users that are using the Workspace. From its user count, Google thought of bringing new changes to its users. It can be separated into Gmails, Docs, and chats separately. Google chat was included in the premium pack of the service before. However, Google is making some slight changes in its services.

And now Google will be changing its Enterprise profile to a Free profile. That’s making all the users access it freely. Google is separating the Google chat service and making it more versatile with its new features. New features are added in the modern Google chat that includes chatrooms, group calls, and many more other features. Now, there won’t be any Google workspace pricing now. But to get all these features for free you have turned on the Google chat in your Gmail.

New Google Workspace offers:

Diving deep into the new features, Google will now allow users to access all the features in a single tab. All the chat options will be available on the right side of the tab. There will be smart suggestions in the emails or documents. You will be able to mention people in order to add them to the tasks, Google sheets, presents, or docs. Seems like Google workspace for nonprofits has appeared in its servicing department. However, these all seem to be working freely and google is bringing some enormous service to its users as free service. It might be enough for many users but not for almost all users. So, the Google workspace marketplace is focusing on small business owners. It has brought the Google Workspace Individual as a paid version. It will be providing premium services to such businesses giving extra features.

So, why can we consider Google Workspace as a free service? Well if you are wanting to get these kinds of services from other brands then you will have to pay tons of money to get them, And as compared to the workload it gives the same output. The free version of it is full of features for all the consumers, enterprise, and education. So, you won’t be needing the premium version. And from this perspective is a quiet hand full and free for everyone. Well, Google workspace groups have done enormous work making it free for users, and let us just appreciate that as well. Now you can try them out on the Google workspace website.

Final Verdict:

It is the best office suite if you are traveling daily. It will be accessible from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. There are other alternatives as well. The most famous one is from Microsoft that is the Microsoft Office 365. However, in terms of handy and easy tools, Google Workspace is the better option.