Recently, Windows just announced its new Operating system that is Windows 11. The hype of the Windows 11 was just getting high. And, at the same time, Microsoft launched its Windows 365 service. It seems that 2021 is becoming the buddy year for Microsoft. Its primary goal seems to be focusing on Software improvement and development. Well, the tech giant seems to give the users a new experience as we are entering a great new innovative era.

Windows 365 is the new service of Microsoft that lets you allow access to cloud-based PCs from anywhere. It is primarily focused on the business service perspective. However, Home users can easily access the service. Overall, utilization of the service can be obtained through internet access along with different platforms such as from your smartphone, laptop, or any other device that can access the internet and has a web browser. But in the past whole thing was done under virtualization and remote access software. It is now not hectic and very easy with the official release. It seems that all the Windows 10 and Windows 11 devices will be compatible even with Linux, Android, macOS, iPads OS, and so on. The only thing that remains is the login account and the payment for the service.

So, what are the new awesome features that will be listed in its pros, and what are the negative sides we are going to see in Windows 365? Well, let’s see them in contrast.

Pros of Windows 365:

1. Windows 365 Can be accessible from any platforms

Microsoft had made Windows 365 accessible with just the power of the internet. Since all the PCs are cloud-based you can easily access Windows 365 with just your browser. And, Microsoft also stated that it supports different platforms such as Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, and Windows devices. So, the only thing you have to prepare is your device and your Microsoft login account. It should be subscribed to your windows 365 cloud. If you are a verified user then Microsoft will let you use the new service Windows 365.

2. Personalise your desktop apps, settings, and content as you prefer.

Since there is no requirement for additional desktop infrastructure(VDI) expertise or resources, it feels very light and easy to use. The whole Cloud-based PC will update automatically that you don’t have to worry about frequent updates of Windows 11. Microsoft has stated that you can pick up where you had left the device in the cloud and so you don’t worry about the energy as well as the shutdown process. You can easily set up your required apps. you can even manage your cloud PC’s settings. And the storage content of your won can be placed. So, overall it is the best and new experience.

3. Windows 365 Per-user-assigned license

Windows 365 has multiple variations per different user. The license is not only for any business purpose. You can get your hands on your preferred choice of VM/ OS dis size you want. So, Microsoft has officially released the example scenario for the setup.

Windows 365 OS disk size

4. IT Admin Experience

It seems that Windows 365 gives virtual IT Admin permission of your loud PC. So, it is most effective for large business organizations to handle the employee’s computer. And home users can even get admin passes from the use of IT Admin Experience. If we get deeper, all the components are managed under Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) and via the Azure portal for all networking. Technically speaking, you don’t require the admin user. However, cloud PCs are managed by MEM at the OS level and above.

Windows 365 admin

5. Security and Virtual Networks

Windows 365 gave brilliant security for the end-users and help them securely access their cloud PCs. There is the Azure Virtual Network to protect your surfing. Well, that is what Microsoft has to say. However, network security depends on the enterprise or business class. The Enterprise-class has control over the routing, firewall security VPN connectivity, and IP addressing. But Business users have no control over them. The costs of egress bandwidth usage are not the customer’s responsibility. So, and they are included in the cost of licensing a cloud PC.

Windows 365 security

Cons of Windows 365:

1. Windows 365 Pricing

The use of one virtual PC in the cloud per user will cost you $31 per user, per month. And for Business users, can use two PCs for $31 per month. It will include two CPUs, 4 GB of RAM, and 128 GB of storage. So, from this perspective, it is very expensive as the new entry. And, you will have the benefit of getting a new PC by yourself rather than getting Windows 365 in the long run. Also, the price increases as the specification increases as well. So, it is the one big con of Windows 365.

2. Many hectic sub-subscriptions

Before getting onto the easier part of Windows 365, you will have to buy extra services or subscriptions to get there. So, it is another headache for the users. These are indicated as the technical requirement for using Windows 365. So, you will have to pass through all these steps to get your hand on the new Windows 365. The overall process is listed in the image below:

Windows 365 requirements

3. Windows 365 Don’t have full access.

So, when you buy a physical PC, you have full access to your system. Here, Microsoft seems to be bound to users from getting full access. It is somehow given with IT access. But it seems there is not full access to get your hand on your cloud PCs. It is quite fulfilling for certain limits. However, if you are a hardcore user and want t access your full potential then you won’t be getting it. And, even though Microsoft claims give full security it is still vulnerable and has some penetrable shield that will damage your system,m or your information.

Final Verdict:

In the conclusion, it is a new way of computing for all people. You don’t have to carry your whole laptop or any physical computer to access your powerful computers. Now, all your smartphones can do the trick for you and it is a huge leap of technology. So, overall it is the great invention of Microsoft. So, later many companies will follow this trend and after the competitive market, many users can get the service easily and with a cheap price had high security.