As we know there was Xbox and Bethesda E3 event recently. It was a great event show by the end. So, Microsoft has announced one of the products in their event. That one called Xbox Mini Fridge, the chill and relax item that Microsoft has categorized. Also, they had claimed that it will be the world’s most powerful mini-fridge. In November 20202, Microsoft released the actual fridge that looked like the Xbox Series, and now, Microsoft is about to release Xbox Mini Fridge.

What is Xbox Mini Fridge?

Xbox Mini Fridge is the smaller version of the fridge. So, it can be used for cooling your bears and other smaller stuff. However, it seems like the fridge is made only for storing cans of beer, juice, or soda in their product showcase released on youtube. From our guess, it is specially designed for gamers who can now officially get their chilled drinks while gaming and relaxed their body.

The design is similar to the Xbox gaming console. However, being fridge it has a door and door hand. At the top left corner of the front door is the illuminated Xbox logo. The whole interior lighting and color setup is neon green. From their showcase on youtube, it looks like you can store about 16 cans of drinks. It has 3 storied storage. At the bottom of the front door in the interior is a pocket with a neon green color. There is a light setup at the top of the fridge illuminating the whole fridge. From their showcase, we can now see this stuff. Let’s see if there is more stuff there will be revealing in their release date.

Release date of Xbox Mini Fridge.

Microsoft will be announcing the official distribution date in the Holiday season of 2021. The exact date is not yet fixed. Microsoft had shown 50 percent of its product reveal on youtube. So, Microsoft will not delay the product release and will not let customers wait much longer.


There is no official price released by Microsoft for its product. However, many fans along with enthusiasts are expecting it to be lesser than that of the Xbox gaming consoles. Well looking at the device showcase, it looked like it will be around 200 to mid 300 dollar range. Let’s see the actual price on the released date.

So, overall Xbox Mini Fridge is the unique step Microsoft is taking. This is the home appliance device that is not considered by many computer manufacturers, However, if Microsoft brings new and awesome features which are unique to other home appliances then this product might be attracted to other customers who are not much into computers that well.