Zoom Video Communications is a worldwide famous company. It serves the world with its communication services. It is simply known as Zoom. Zoom is an American product. It was founded in 2011 by Eric Yuan. Later it launched its software in 2013. It is the telecommunication industry. It has been providing us with its video communication and online chat messages. Zoom social platform also gives telecommuting, teleconferencing, distance education, and social relations.

Besides all those introductory parts, we are here today to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the Social platform in our daily life. Will this software take over other telecommunication software in the future or it will solve down to bankruptcy. So, let us discuss the full pros and cons of Zoom Video Communications in the descriptive way below:

Pros of Zoom Video Communications:

1. Can include a large number of participants.

While you are having a good chat or a video conference, Zoom can easily handle many numbers of participants. And the video conference seems to have been a great experience along with so many participants. That’s why it is loved by many users all over the world. Besides, it is great for business meetings and seminars as well.

2. Free for everyone.

The company claims to provide free service worldwide. You will require signup and create your profile. After that, you can enjoy the services for free. Although the single meeting must be of 40 minutes only. Besides this, it is a subscription-based service.

3. Supports the streaming on Facebook.

Facebook users have skyrocketed in recent years. So, it is quite obvious that many users are available on Facebook. So, Zoom has provided a service where the host can stream their meetings and seminars on Facebook.

4. It also supports the Google Calendar.

A calendar is the best way to plan and track your schedules and daily activities. And Google won’t lack in its service in our daily life. That’s why many of the users all over the world are smartphones users with android Os. In compulsion, it will have Google Calendar which is used by many users. That’s why Zoom is providing its support to Google Calendar so that you can organize and track your meetings and seminars.

5. Customizable and Easy User Interface(UI) with smooth Screen Sharing.

The UI is very easy to navigate. You can simply join the link provided by the host even if you don’t have a login ID. You can see the participants, raise your hand, chat and mute yourselves. And the great tool here is the screen sharing option. If you are a teacher and teaching something digitally then you can share your screen to pass your ideas to the viewers. Besides teachers, anyone who needs to share their screen to pass their information can use these features.

6. Pricing and security.

Zoom is very affordable. There are Bais, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans. The basic is free, Pro costs $14.99 per month per host, Business costs $19.99 per month for a minimum of 10 hosts and Enterprise costs $19.99 per month for a minimum of 50 hosts.

Zoom Video Communications pricing

Source: https://financesonline.com

Besides the security, we get here is SSO (Single sign-on), HTTPS access, AES 256-bits encryption, and SSL encryption. It prevents the leakage of video conferences, webinars, virtual meetings all over the world with the above-mentioned security.

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Cons of Zoom Video Communications:

1. Requirement of the App to use the service.

If you are a desktop user or a smartphone user you will require to download the Zoom app. You can, however, use the app in the web browser but it will let you download install the Zoom software in the background. So, it is the major cons of the service.

2. Large file size of the recording.

the recordings of the meetings and seminars are quite a good feature. However, it can take up to GBs of spae in the clod storage. And besides, the quality is not fair concerning the video size. It is a big problem for those users who lacks the money to buy that extra space for such video content.

3. Lack of 4k video quality.

Despite being famous it still doesn’t support the 4K video quality during the meetings and seminars. However, we can use the 720p resolution for current speakers for now. But the resolution and quality might depend on the users’ device and the internet speed.

4. Cannot delete comments.

The service has given the option to comment while on live chat. But it does not find it necessary to provide the option for deleting the recent comments. Whether the comment is good or bad you just have to live with that and there is nothing you can do about it.

5. Limited time for free users.

Ther is the talk time available for only about 40 minutes. And at least an hour or two would be a great option for now. So, many users have to create another link after every 40 minutes which is a big hectic thing to do.

6. Other drawbacks.

Besides the above, many things need to be crucially updated for the app to be stable. The major one is the voice distortion during the meeting. It appears sometimes but still, it is a big issue if you miss the major part of the meeting. The mobile application needs to be updated as it still lacks many features. Lack of screen sharing in smartphones. Anyone with the link can attend and there are so many viral videos about it. It needs to add an easy feedback system and listen to the users. Lack of Chromecast support. We can even get rid of watermarks too in the updates. It can even integrate with Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. And many more others.

Final Verdict:

Zoom Video Communications is best for the major facility of smoothness and multiple handles of participants. Lawsuits can even rely on this service’s security. However, you cannot limit your uses with just this service. You can even try other services. Like Microsoft Teams which has been updating and improving during this pandemic. So, you need to try other services as well and compare yourself and choose the best out of the most.